Past events

15.09.2015  Composition and Colour day workshop.  This workshop looked at the beginnings of abstraction in western art and explored the composition and colour theories of Kandinsky.

31.10.2015  Ways of Looking at Form day workshop.  This workshop saw how artists dealt with making images with multiple viewpoints and experimented with cubism.

16.01.2016  Experimenting with Movement day workshop.  In this workshop we looked at dynamism and how futurists depicted the movement of the modern world.

27.02.2016 Unusual Ways to apply Paint. Experimental half day workshop

05.03.2016  Becoming Expressive day workshop.  This explored the modernist’s view of the world and looked at making images from a subjective perspective.

19 03.2016  Unusual ways of creating an image  Experimental half day workshop

16.04 2016  Unusual ways to making prints  Experimental half day workshop

30.04.2016  Reinventing Abstraction day workshop.  This was day spent checking out post war abstract expressionists including the drip paintings of Pollock.

21.05 2016  Unusual ways of using collage  Experimental half day workshop

13.08.2016 Making an Artists’ Book day workshop.  A summer workshop making personal artists books.

10.09.2016  Using the Everyday: Challenging Abstraction day workshop.   this workshop used the commonplace images of the Pop artists who challenged the traditional high art topics.

10.12.2016  Reclaiming Anonymity day workshop.  A day spent exploring the techniques of artists who aimed to avoid the gestural mark.

21 01.2017  Impressionism and Tonalism day workshop.  An exploration of two different philosophies of painting

25.02.2017 Post impressionism and Primitivism day workshop.  An exploration of two different philosophies of painting

13.05 2017 Expressionism and Neoplasticsm  day workshop.   An exploration of two different philosophies of painting.

08.05.2017  Symbolism and Abstractionism day workshop.  An exploration of two different philosophies of painting.

12.09.2017 Sunflowers in Art half day workshop.  A pop-up workshop which looked at how sunflowers had been painted.

24.09 2017 A Day in the Country day workshop.  A painting retreat in a nature reserve which used the landscape to explore different ways of mark making.

05.10.2017 Apples in Art half day workshop.  A pop-up workshop which explored images of apples in art.

29.10. 2017  The Dog in Art half day workshop.  A pop- up workshop which explored depictions of the dog in art.

03.02.2018  A Winter Retreat -Painting Stories day workshop.  Narrative painting round the wood burning stove in the Barn on a nature reserve.

15.03.2018  Drawing at the British Museum.  An opportunity to use the Prints and Drawings Study Room at the British Museum

10.04.2018  The Cow in Art half day workshop.  A pop-up workshop which explored how artists have depicted the bovine through the ages.

16.05.2018  Sketching Afloat A pop up morning workshop at Frogmore Paper Mill with a short sketching cruise aboard the Bryan Donkin.

28th June – 10th July 2018  Reparation  The Gift of Repair  An exhibition of work by Susan Cooke  at Peter Ingram Gallery Frogmore Paper Mill, Fourdrinier Way, Apsley, Hemel Hempstead.  HP3 9RY8

4th August 2018 A Summer Retreat ‘Painting the Garden’  Using the tranquillity of the Friends Meeting house garden for a day’s painting retreat at the Watford Quaker Meeting House.

25th September 2018  ‘Art in the Menageriehalf day workshop. A pop up workshop exploring the exhibits in Tring Natural history Museum

15th November 2018 ‘The Tree in Arthalf day workshop. A pop up workshop in Apsley Lock using and painting trees.

26th February 2019The Art of the Dark’ half day workshop.  A pop up workshop in the cellar of the Old Town Hall Hemel Hempstead exploiting the gloom of the venue.

24th April 2019 ‘The Art of the Cafe’ half-day workshop.  A pop up workshop in the The Studio  at Fishery Wharf Café in Boxmoor, Artists have often explored the idea of the cafe, we experimented too with this theth

20th June 2019 ‘The Art of the Sky’ half day workshop.  We celebrated  the  solstice at the Tin Church Bedmond by painting skies full of clouds, rain,, and at dusk and at night.

3rd August 2019  ‘A Summer Retreat –  The Art of Wellbeing‘  . A day workshop spent in the Hive at Leavesden Country Park looking at the 5 steps to wellbeing and using art techniques to explore them.  the sun shone in this lovely venue.

10th September 2019 ‘Watercolour Techniques Workshop’.  A short day workshop in Bedmond learning and honing basic watercolour techniques. The workshop culminated in painting apples and simple landscapes.

3rd November 2019 – 22nd NovemberSouthWestHerts Exhibition‘ in the Peter Ingram Gallery in the Apsley Frogmore Mill. An Exhibition of work by artists working with SouthWestHertsArts, paintings, folio works and cards.

14th November 2019Watercolour Techniques Repeat Workshop‘ in Apsley.

3rd December 2019 Watercolour follow on workshop‘ A short day workshop building on the tehniques learnt in the first workshop in Apsley.